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The Spectral Riders

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The Spectral Riders

27 ratings


James and Stacy matching spooky couples avatars!
Matching biker symbol, clothing, style, Faster heartbeat visually and sound when close to each other, Can Kiss and slap each others Cats, Can kiss eachother and others

- Nothing was the same after that crash ..ṭ̖͆̒͒ͬ̀h͕̫̠̪̟͚̹̳͆̾̂͞ë̲̗́ͮͯ͐͜ͅ ̌ͤ҉̲̖̞͙̠̩͎ͅc͚̪͛͝r̞͇͔̜̭̠̼͛̅ͭ̊͝ả̅̉͏̘͍͖̰͇s͖͔̬̱̫̹̭̅ͭ͛ͫ̀ͅh͈̠̲͈ͤ͜.... to be dam-ḋ̷̙͓͎͚̹͓̳̄̉ͤaͫ̋҉̜̤̼̭m͈̝̣̰̳̍̃̀̀n̼̝̞̤̅͒͝e̺̫̖̠͕͆͐͒̎́ͅḏ̛̥̙̫̖̥̯̱͆̎ to roam the streets. -
- Damned together, together forever. Rip my heart out for you, set it on fire and watch it burn. -
- Ride with me, baby ☠

Because of all the audio, Bike, Several Particle effects, Pet and so on - These avatars have a pretty high DL size.

Custom AFK, Prone and Crouch, Sound effects, Rideable bike with particles and sound effects, Grabable Beating exposed heart with heartbeat, Contacts, Seating positions for Bike for fullbody, halfbody and desktop. Advanced loco for halfbody and desktop. Fully Custom textures for the Motorcykle, helmets and even the cats Roomba to match! Bike has a horn TOOTOOOT

OBS: Stacys Shoes has been switched out! She has the SAME Shoes as James now.

Needed: PoiyomiToon , (RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem), SDK
Comes with: Two versions, one WITH Bike system and one without (still has helmet)

Fun stuff they both have the same of

Spectral Riders:
Bike comes with exhaust smoke, fire wheels(moves with AL), fire trail and audio for: Spawn, driving and horn.
☠⇢Spectral Bikers for Dummies, Motorcykle Manual where you can read how to use the bike and the sitting animations.
☠⇢ Motorcykle. Spawns the bike in the distance where it yeets up in the air, drops and comes driving to you. It then positions itself perfectly for sitting. (When it spawns, It will follow your head. So please - keep still while it comes driving)
☠⇢ Bike Engine On and Off, Engine will be ON when spawning and will therefore follow your avatars root. You can look stupid and run around with it under you or use the sitting animations (you can NOT jump with these active.)
Engine OFF will put the bike in world and turn off the driving sound.
☠⇢ Halfbody seated, Has its own submenu. Go into the pose, adjust with the radial (it will look stupid and confusing for u and others) then follow with reset viewpoint and all is good. There are 2 seating positions. Dont jump.
☠⇢ Desktop, avatar will go into seated position but viewpoint will stay. Dont jump. If u went into halfbody and then deskie positions - deskie will break.
☠⇢ Helmet, Face will dissolve and show the front part of their skull while the helmet dissolves in. Red particle eyes are visible in the visor and also has ghostly smoke comming out of the helmet and the breathing filters. The skull stays inside the helmet if you peek in or if the smoke lights up inside the helmet.
☠⇢Hue for Both Bike and Helmet separetly. You can also toggle off all particles and sounds in the technical menu.

Here is a video for everything with the Bike!

Roomba Ghostcat:
Cat has idle animation, pickupable, you can pet it and it will have heart particles and start purring. If you have "kiss" contact or slap contact on hands - then others will be able to kiss and slap it. So they can do this with each others cats.
☠⇢ pspspspsps, Summons cat with sound effect "Pspspspsps"
☠⇢ Accessories, Helmet or Glasses matching their owner/s
☠⇢ Hue for cat and roomba
☠⇢ Roomba sound, can be turned off
☠⇢ Cat particles and purring can be turned off in "technical"

The hearts have heartbeat sound and are visibly beats. When they are close to each other, it beats faster both the heart and the sound. You can take out ur own heart and will will start bleeding. If anyone else put their hand close to ur heart it will set on fire. So putting them close to each other it will start burning.

James: Regular Cig ONLY
Stacy: Regular and Cig holder
Hold with left hand, Right hand or mouth (moves with mouth when talking)
Active smoking will activly make it smaller, after 5 min its done and it will be "thrown" or "spit out" depending on where it is. Can also use with gestures.

Noseboop, Headpat, Slaphands, Eyepokes(eye closes), Kiss(with their own Kiss sound)

Video of all contacts and Interactions:

☠⇢ Skin
- Spectral / Living skin (Living skin will turn off bones and stuff inside, but not the heart)
- Skintone radial
- Spectral Hue
☠⇢ Colors
- Hair Textures Radial
- Sep Hues for: Hair, Eyes, Spectral, Helmet, (Cat and Bike)
- RGB on everything u can change color on
- Audio Link

Technical Menu
☠⇢ Advanced Loco (Sit and Lay animations for Halfbody and Desktop, can also adjust height and fix viewpoint)
☠⇢ Disable / Enable Menu : All Contacts on sep toggles, Heart Grab, Heartbeat and all contacts sounds, All Particles off and All bike sides off.

Simple Marker

Toggles for them both!

☠⇢ Jacket
☠⇢ Bra - Corset - None
☠⇢ Pants - Skirt - Short - none
☠⇢ Panties
☠⇢ Shoes
☠⇢ Thigh Highs

☠⇢ Glove
☠⇢ Chain choker, Stud choker, Pearl necklace and Locket necklace(matches James Key) - all with sep toggles
☠⇢ Bandana
☠⇢ Hip Chain
☠⇢ Glasses
☠⇢ Teeth
☠⇢ Piercing
☠⇢ Face Bandaids

Cosmetics (other then shared! More above)
☠⇢ Short Hair, Ponytail and Long Hair
☠⇢ Ear Shape on Radial

DPS: Both hands, Oral, Thighs, Chest, and the 2 holes.

☠⇢ Jacket
☠⇢ Collar Shirt
☠⇢ Fishnet shirt
☠⇢ Boxers
☠⇢ Shoes
☠⇢ Longpants - Shorts - None

☠⇢ Glove
☠⇢ Necklace with Key, matching Stacy
☠⇢ Bandana
☠⇢ Harness with Shoulderpad
☠⇢ Glasses
☠⇢ Teeth
☠⇢ Piercing

Cosmetics (other then shared! More above)
☠⇢ Long bangs Hair, Sidebang Hair, Ponytail
☠⇢ Makeup On / Off (tattoo under eye and eyeliner.)

DPS: Both hands, oral and butt.

Dont Publish as Public
Dont Share with other people or do any kind of uploads. Contact me about this.
No selling at all
Dont Claim as your own creation
Please dont Buy package if you dont know unity.
Dont use any of the payed assets before u buy it urself.
DO NOT take the avatar apart to use assets, avatar contains scratch assets and paid assets. 


1. SDK3

2. Poiyomi
3. DPS (if dps is wished for, if not then skip to 3)
4. Avatar 

Avatar has all clothing toggles for artistic purposes


You can NOT use ANY of these items without buying them yourself from the creators.
Tried to explain and theme up the credits to find easier.

Head and Bandaids, Body and Socks, Long Hair, Short Hair, Ponytail, Jacket, Skirt with Chain and Panties, Pants, Shorts, Corset/top, Bra (obvi edited.), Shoes (boots in pics and videos are changed to these!)
Glove, Rings, Chain Choker and Locket, Stud Choker and Pearl neacklace, Bracelets, Helmet
Face Texture - Saikura#0006, Base Texture (no tattoos or Spectral)


Body and Head (edited)
Ponytail, Sidebangs, Lowbangs, Shoes
Jacket and Shirt, Shorts , Pants, Fishnet Shirt, Boxers
Harness , Necklaces , Gloves all by Renipuff#3700, Rings 1 2 , Helmet
Face Textures - Saikura#0006 (COMISSION)
Private Parts

Skull , Cigarette System, Cat Helmet - Milky Mommy#6969, Teeth(removed bone part), Bandanas, Glasses, Bones, Guts, Earrings
Body Tattoos - Uni#1369, James Leg tattoos (Spiderweb and bats) , Alphas for Helmets, Bike, Jackets and Roomba are all mixed from Unis Cottage Witch pack and Illumes Small tattoo Pack
Hair textures and Eye textures
Particles for Bike and Fire on Heart, plus Particle shader By: Raivo#3447
Markers, Cat ( Rigged by Me and Cheddar#1234, Roomba
Dissolve Toggles set up by
Av3Creator and DPS set up by Fluffys toolbox , Grabable Object , Kiss, Noseboop, Handslaps and headpat set up (but edited) by Basic Dynamics
Sound Effects for Bike, Cat and heart
Locomotion, Thumbnailer , Fire Shader by Rollthered#2048, Pet Follower System, Advanced Actionlayer Locomotion

By me: Kisu☆#1000:
AFKs, Sit, Crouch, Particles for Cat, Helmet, Headpat on Cat, Menu Icons, Cat Animation, Heart with animations, Blood and Textures, James Piercings.
Textures for: Bodies, Bike, Helmets, Roomba, Glasses, Jackets Edits

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Right Poiyomi, Older SDK to work with hands, One Bike version and One No bike version of both. 2 sep packages


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