Sitting AFK with Staff (Updated)

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I want this!

Sitting AFK with Staff (Updated)

5 ratings

Updated! This Used to be Static and its now moving. Staff is also updated!
Sitting float AFK
AFK animation where your avatar goes into a sleepy sitting position with slight movements in legs, feet, arm, hand and head nodding up and down. The avatar floats up and down aswell together with the prop!
This animation is made for the avatar to sit on a Staff or Broom, however - you can make it sit on anything really.

You can buy this product for only the animation or with animations AND Staff!
You can buy Staff ONLY here

SetUp with and without WD: 
Sometimes u might need to adjust the Staff or avatar for it to fit with your avatar properly in the animation <3 

Allowed to be used on sold full avatars but not on its own.
Credit me if used on a sold full avatar.
You can NOT share this with Anyone in anyway.

(Not a must, but id be happy if u credit my gumroad/this asset when selling your avatar on a page like gumroad <3 Instead of having my discord tag)

I want this!

Unity Package with Staff and animation. OR ZIP with the animation.

Unity Package
Prefab for staff


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