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Coil - Cyborg Fennec

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Coil - Cyborg Fennec

10 ratings

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ 𝐍𝐨𝐰 𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠. . . █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

Showcase: Kiwi Kawaii#888

Matching avatar to Hacks (<-Click to find) & Decibell (<-Not out yet) ♥̩
If you also want to get Hacks, Ticket me the email you used when buying Coil and I will give you a discount!

In a dystopian world where you see more humans with cyborg limbs then actual bodypats, androids roaming the streets and parties in every corner -
Coil lives his life with his partners Hacks and Decibell. Making sure his girls stay out of trouble, doesnt miss a single party yet finds time to whip up new cybernetics and mechanical companions.
Dont try to cross him, u will loose.

PC ONLY, Not Quest!
(I have not done ANY quest avatars so far.)

Custom AFK, Dissolves, Touch tablet for Clothing and cybernetics (Anyone can press these (except the underwear), lots of touch buttons, Sound effects, Knife comes out of the cyborg arm with particles, Idles for Sparks comming out of cybernetics, Eye and Arm, Try to touch his chest cables and it closes!
When Coil is in the same lobby as Hacks and/Or Decibell hearts will glow in their representive colors on her arm display!


Needed: PoiyomiToon 8.0.260, (RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem), Newest SDK
Comes with: One Full version and one version with NO touch buttons.

➳ Hoodie Jacket
➳ Tanktop
➳ Shorts/Pants/Boxers(underwear)
➳ Shoes

ALL Cybernetics on Hacks are on toggles, u can pick and choose however u want!
➳ Fennec Cyborg ears
➳ Tail
➳ Spine
➳ Leg
➳ Shoulder piece with cables
➳ Hand
➳ Arm
➳ Neck Wires
➳ Head Wires
➳ Mask/MaskHolders (Mask part toggles on touch and in menu and Hardwear on touch menu or regular menu)
Mask also has Visualiser.
➳ Mask that covers the mouth area ^ (Toggle only the mouth part on the side of the head or in the menu.)
➳ Cyberglasses/Glasses Holder (Glass part toggles on touch and in menu and holders on touch menu or regular menu)
➳ Cyberglass ^ (Only the glass part will toggle, these toggles are also as touch on the head.)

No toggle for the eye (so one eye is always cybernetic) or the chest cavity

➳ Elf Ears
➳ Goggles
- 2 different types of Goggles - Round or Snowgoggles.
- Both Goggles can be aigther on top of the head or hanging around the neck.
➳ 2 Different Hairs, long bangs or short hair
➳ ALL Piercings have their own toggles, one by one plus the nosechain aswell.
➳ Hue separate on: Cybernetics, Hair, Eyes, Clothing, accessories and tattoos
➳ RGB on everything that u can change Hue on except particles!
➳ Audio Link on ALOT

The "Disable" Menu:
➳ Disable Menu button (On armdisplay)
➳ Disable Sword button (On the cyborg arm)
➳ Disable Glasses touch button (on head)
➳ Disable Mask touch button (On head)
➳ Disable Spark Particle idles.
➳ Disable High five, Noseboop and slap all on their own buttons.
➳ Disable all sound effects

Touch Tablet:
By pressing a power button on the left arm, you can spawn a touch Tablet. DO NOT SPAM THE BUTTONS, let the animation play before clicking it again. Be patient, some buttons u need to hold in alittle longer before it does anything. You kind of need to learn how they work.
The tablet will spawn in on the Cybernetics menu, you and everyone else can press these buttons.
Click the arrow and you will get the Clothing menu, Everyone can touch these buttons EXCEPT the boxers. Only you can toggle those.
Press the arrow again to get back to cybernetics.

➳ Trowingstars
- Throw different objects, Throwingstars, Knifes or COOKIES. With hand gestures.
- ALOT of fun settings for this system like bounce, velocity, trails and so much more.
➳ Arm "sword" with Particles and sound (Press blinking button, on the arm to activate.)
➳ VRLabs Marker

Noseboop - Makes a cute robotic sound, Star Particles, shocked expression and eyes crossed. (will also show with mask)
High five - On Left hand, Fun slap sound with cheering on inpact aswell as Star particles.
- Slap peoples face and upperbody, dumb slap sound (works with both hands, will get sound on inpact with head and chest)
Cheek pulling - Pinch his cute cheeks and pull them, he will change face expression. You can also touch the cheeks just cause - why not, its fun
Chest Cavity - Try to touch his chest cavity and it will close.

(As seen here)

2 different private parts, Cybernetic or Human. (Cybernetic comes with a moving animation on toggle.)
Orifaces: Hands, mouth and butt.

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ⋘ 𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑖𝑡... ⋙ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

Dont Publish as Public
Dont Share with other people or do any kind of uploads. Contact me about this.
No selling at all
Dont Claim as your own creation
Please dont Buy package if you dont know unity.
Dont use any of the payed assets before u buy it urself.
DO NOT take the avatar apart to use assets, avatar contains scratch assets and paid assets. 


1. SDK3

2. Poiyomi
3. DPS (if you want to use that version)
4. Avatar 

Avatar has all clothing toggles for artistic purposes

You can NOT use ANY of these items without buying them yourself from the creators.

Head, Base, Sidehair, Short Hair, Human male part, Cybernetic male part and Leg (Nitro on discord Lod#0741) , Elf Ears
Cybernetic Arm and hand, Shoulder piece, Robot Fennec Ears Robot Tail, Spine and Cyber Mask
Jacket/hoodie, Tanktop and Pants KC#5344, Shorts worthless#6301, Boxers, Shoes
Rave Goggles, Snow Goggles
Marker, Throwing Knives and stars, Audio rings(free in his server) , Particles and sound for Arm Sword and spark particles plus particle shader- Raivo#3447, Other Sound Effects
Hair texture, Eye textures, Text Menu Icons, Tattoosand/carvings on arm and cyborg arm by Deimos#6533 and illume#2788
Locomotion, Spark Idle system(edited), Regular toggles for clothing(edited and not all), Noseboop, High five, slap (edited) , DPS(Orifaces)
Shader for goggles

By Kisu☆#1000 (me) :
Face and Body Edits are made by ME and can NOT be used on any other avatars. AFK, Prone and Croch, Cyber Glasses, TouchTablet and system, Arm display, Tubes and wires On neck, Chest and head, Keychain on Tablet, Cyborg Eye, the rest of the Icons also Textures for: Hoodie, Tanktop, Cyborg leg, edited texture for robot arm and hand, Shorts, Underwear, Edited for Snowgoggles, Cyborg penis, Body and face texture tattoo

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Unity Package with 2 Versions of Coil, the right version of Poi.


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