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Rudolph and Clarice (Physbones)

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Rudolph and Clarice (Physbones)

10 ratings

Last years favorite christmas Lolis!
Couples avis!
They are both available on their own aswell.
Get comfy with someone you care about this holiday in these cute and wholesome beans! This Package will give you one unitypackage with both avatars. You MAY ONLY UPLOAD the counterpart avatar to someone else, do not give out the files.

Custom AFK! Prones that are supposed to be able to fit together but also be okey on their own on desktop.
Moving deer ears with gestures

★Clothing - Raindeer onesie (Fur shader) and Christmas PJs
★Slippers - Elf shoes and bear slippers
★Head accessories (radial) - Deer horns and ears, Ear warmers or nothing
★Red "Rudolph" nose - Fitting with the hors and ears OR the onesie
★ Body Lights - turn them on or off
(★ Rudolph has a Santa Beard On/Off)

Color Menu
★ Hue on Hair
★ "Party mode" , cycles through colors on Hair (and on Rudolphs Beard)
★ Toggle Black and White Base hair
★ Change design and color (blue and red)(radial) on Sweater and Pants separetly!
★ 2 modes for the lights, Multicolor twinkle or a soft yellow that blinks abit.

★ Cuddle tent - World constraint, a comfy tent with decorations and pillows!
★ Tent size (radial) - Change the tent size to fit all ur friends!
★Christmas toygun - Shoot christmas confetti! (particles) can change hand from left to right.
★Hot chocolate - Mug with steaming hot coco
★ CandyCane - Toggle big sparkly candycane and hit ur friends in the head!
★ Marker (VRlabs)
★ SleightlyBall (springjoint) - ALOT of functions! Mesh of a cute Christmas octopus! And snow particles


Dont Publish as Public
Dont Share with other people or do any kind of uploads. Contact me about this.
No selling at all
Dont Claim as your own creation
Please dont Buy package if you dont know unity.
Dont use any of the payed assets before u buy it urself.
DO NOT take the avatar apart to use assets, avatar contains scratch assets and paid assets. 


1. SDK3
2. Poiyomi
3. Avatar 


You can NOT use ANY of these items without buying them yourself from the creators.
Body, Onesie, PJs, Bear slippers(Nitro on their discord.), Elf shoes, Raindeer set(Old Patreon reward), Lights, Ear warmers, Gun, Tent set, Candycane, Mug, Octopus, Christmas hat (On octopus), Marker, SleightlyBall system, Hair textures, Eye textures, Locomotion. Icons
Springjoint Particles, Confetti, Tent particles, by Raivo (custom, you can not buy these and you can not use them on anything else. Except the tent particles, click link.) Fur shader
Rudolphs Hair, Neck(From Clarice head, free on her discord), Head (Head edited), Beard
Clarice Hair and Head (free on ZinPias discord)AFK particles, smoke in mug, AFK animation, Prone and crouch, Rudolph nose made by Me.

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Unity Package, Right Poiyomi version, Fur shader(in the package)


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