Bubble Particle Pack

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I want this!

Bubble Particle Pack

5 ratings

Bubble particle pack!
3 Different animations, one of them having 2 versions.

You need:
- For the Shooting bubbles to work, you will need Poiyomi! The rest is with Raivos new particle shader and is included in the package.

- Bubble idle, chillin and movin around the body until they poof
- 2 different headpat /head particles. One with regular round bubbles and one with heart bubbles
- Shooting bubbles these collide with world and people (local) (same as used on Lola and Leo!) these are made with meshes and not textures, only the "poof" effect is textures. They also use Poi and are connected to audio link.

You can add them with parent constraints, the idle can also just be dragged and dropped on the armature. But then they wont follow u as good when u in fullbody moving with the playspace!

-Allowed to be used on sold full avatars but not on its own and not for props.
-Credit me if used on a sold full avatar.
-You can NOT share this with Anyone in anyway.

Id be happy if u credit me with my gumroad instead of my discord.

I want this!

4 Prefabs with each particle system.

31.9 MB


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